March 16, 2015 12:00 PM

Last thing I misplaced

Somewhere there are 8,000 tubes of lipstick that once belonged to me. I don’t use keys, so that doesn’t really apply. And very rarely I misplace my sense of humor, but usually not.

Last activity I did with my kids

I’ve been losing at the challenge of trying to learn Swedish on the Duolingo app with my son [Levon, 13]. It’s like the baby steps of language that you put on your phone. He’s way ahead of me; it’s a really cool thing.

Last sunrise I watched

I think I saw the sunrise before Christmas when I was going to work early one day. It was over the Brooklyn Bridge and just gorgeous.

Last home-cooked meal

It was chicken soup. Well, that’s unless you want to count this bagel with tuna fish that I just made 10 minutes ago.

Last home improvement

I’ve spent the last year renovating a new home. Now that I have a 2-year-old [daughter Luna], we needed more bedrooms than you can normally find in Manhattan. I’m kind of addicted to renovations. Once I finish a project like this, everyone worries I’ll start something else. But I think I might have finally had my fill. At least for now.

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