By Reported by Kay West
April 27, 2015 12:00 PM

Last kiss

That would be [my husband] Narvel, right before he left town. He’s in Los Angeles for work, and I’m taking care of business here in Nashville. I miss him when we’re apart. But we never leave each other without a kiss and an “I love you.”

Last indulgence

A couple of good friends took me to Union Common here in Nashville for my birthday. I split an apple crisp and bacon ice cream with one of them and an espresso-chocolate thing with the other. So I got two desserts!

Last time I was starstruck

Bruno Mars at the Kennedy Center Honors. I’ve gone to a lot of his concerts and felt like we communicated through his music, even though that was only in my mind! When we finally did meet, I felt like I had known him forever.

Last sunburn

A long, long time ago, but as a redhead you don’t ever forget them. When I go to Mexico, it’s with sunscreen, long sleeves, pants, a hat and sometimes an umbrella with my hat!

Last thing I cooked

A buddy came out to the house and we went walking around the property, then I made salmon, brussels sprouts and green beans. It was very healthy.