By Reported by Patrick Gomez
Updated March 23, 2015 12:00 PM

Last time I took public transportation

That was when I went to see the movie Fletch in 1985. I took the bus to the Sherman Oaks Galleria and back. But of course I was just on a plane like three days ago. I like to indulge my fellow passengers in conversation, and then I watch movies. Although sometimes you just need to sleep.

Last TV obsession

Lost. I watched every episode and would sit there yelling at the TV. I really haven’t gotten hooked like that on another show since then.

Last home decorating purchase

I saw a picture of a sports ticker tape in a house, and I said, “You can have one of these at home?!” So I bought one. I got mine first, but now [my Odd Couple character] Oscar has one too.

Last meal I made

A grilled-cheese sandwich. I don’t make them often, but I make a good one. When I cut it in half, I make perfectly straight lines. It’s usually a last-minute kind of meal, but it’s really the only thing I can make.

Last vacation

I recently went to Cabo San Lucas for about a week, and it was lovely. I try to go down there a lot because it’s close. It’s nice and I just read and relax.