By Reported by Julie Jordan
Updated April 06, 2015 12:00 PM

Last injury

I had little bitty cuts on my shins. I looked down one day and was like, “What the hell is that?” You wouldn’t know it looking at me, but it was from doing dead lifts with my trainer. The effort is so all-encompassing for me that I have no feeling in my shins when I’m doing it.

Last gift I gave

I took my sister [Julie] to London with me for the Home press trip. She’d never been, so she and my partner Todd [Spiewak] got to go gallivanting through London.

Last time I was frustrated

At work. I’m using some of my downtime to memorize the play [Broadway’s An Act of God] for this summer, and I couldn’t remember how the wording was in one part. Frustration is just what I bring to the party. Maybe a good therapist could help that.

Last time I was starstruck

I follow Marnie the Dog on Instagram, and she showed up on our set. I’m not kidding you; when I saw her little crooked walk, I was utterly starstruck. I felt it inside.

Last time I cried

Oh, Terms of Endearment was on and I teared up at some point. I watched until shortly before she talks to her boys for the last time. I just thought, Why do this? So I went to bed and played Candy Crush instead.