By People Staff
June 23, 2014 12:00 PM

Last Time I Laughed

My daughter [Bella, 9] is in charge of watering the plants, and this morning she was holding the hose while reading a book. I just watched her and wondered when she’d realize a puddle was growing. At least she likes books!

Last Indulgence

I’m a vegan and eat extremely healthy. For me, something indulgent would be to cut up two bananas into my oatmeal instead of one. I don’t eat junk at all. I wish I could have that stuff, but I’m allergic to wheat and dairy.

Last Gift I Purchased

For Mother’s Day I got my mom some bath oils and flowers, and I got Bella’s mom, Connie, kind of a fancy shirt and a lavender candle and earrings.

Last Costume I Wore

My daughter wants to be an entomologist, so everything is about insects like butterflies and caterpillars. Last Halloween she went as a monarch butterfly and I went as a ladybug. That doesn’t really look like me, but I did it. I strapped on the wings and everything.

Last Vacation I Took

We drove up the [California] coast to visit family. [Between Connie and me] the driver gets to decide what music we listen to – unless Bella vetoes it. She likes Colbie Caillat. I’m glad it is someone I can stand!