By People Staff
Updated April 22, 1996 12:00 PM

FOR OLYMPIC GOLD-MEDALIST DOROTHY Hamill, numbers once again tell the story. But this time, the figures add up to a loss. In bankruptcy papers filed March 28 with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Santa Ana, Calif., the skater who captured America’s heart in Innsbruck, Austria, 20 years ago revealed that, despite assets totaling $1.3 million, she is $1.6 million in debt. Nor, claims Hamill, 39, does she currently have “any contracts to perform, to endorse products, to commentate, or to perform other professional services.”

Hamill has a history of problems with money. “She’d get a $100,000 deal and head right to Harry Winston jewelers,” says an old friend. “Her business managers tried to get her spending habits under control. She’d be good for a month and then start again.” But this time Hamill faults her estranged husband, Kenneth Forsythe, 51, for her predicament. “Under Dr. Forsythe’s direction,” her petition reads, “[skating] business ventures in which Ms. Hamill became involved proved to be financial disasters.” One of those ventures was the Ice Capades, which Hamill and Forsythe bought in March 1993 and sold in February 1995 to a group headed by Rev. Pat Robertson, the television evangelist. “Dorothy is not passive in the direction of her affairs,” says Forsythe. The couple, who have a daughter, Alexandra, 7, separated last August after eight years of marriage—Hamill’s second. In a statement issued in her name, Hamill said, “I am now confident…I will be able to satisfactorily resolve my financial difficulties, thereby allowing me to focus on my skating.” But with the prime skating season nearing an end, Hamill may face a long, difficult summer.