April 16, 2014 12:00 PM

• First concert? Garth Brooks in 1992 in Jonesboro, Ark. My parents took us; I didn’t know a lot about him, and because I was in the heart of puberty and rebelling, I assumed it would be terrible. But it was truly an awe moment. I was hooked after that.

• First album you bought? Pearl Jam’s Ten. I was in sixth or seventh grade, and I thought, “Maybe I’ll be cool if I listen to this.” It was when I started playing guitar, and I got the guitar tab to it too.

• Album you can’t live without? Ryan Adams’s Gold. It’s an album I can always count on, whether I’m getting ready for a show or in the gym. It’s genius.

• Most recent album purchase? Macklemore’s The Heist. He’s a rapper, but he’s like a storyteller. I feel like I’m watching a movie when I listen to it.

• Song that makes you cry? “Between the Bars” by Elliott Smith. Terribly depressing, but sometimes you need to put that exclamation point on your downward spiral!

• Karaoke song? “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John. It has a ton of words, but that’s no problem in karaoke because they have the words for you. And everybody knows the chorus.

• Best concert? Keith Urban in Nashville a couple years ago. Playing Nashville can be nerve-racking, because you know so many people in the crowd. But he totally killed it. I was extremely inspired.

• Rock out in the car song? Probably Young MC’s “Bust a Move.” It takes me back to junior high when I was obsessed with Young MC.

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