On the Couch: Celebrity Dream Analysis


“I had this recurring dream early in my life of being in Graceland and sitting on Elvis’s bed in his bedroom, just walking in like I was on a tour. And all of a sudden he walks in and says, ‘Hey man, what’s going on?’ ”


“The bedroom and bed are where we go to rest, to heal and to be intimate,” says dream coach Paula Scardamalia of diviningthemuse.com. “If Tim’s dream were my dream, I’d ask myself, ‘Who is Elvis to me? Is he a god of rock and roll? An icon? A role model? Is he one of my muses who is checking in on me, asking, “What’s going on?” ‘ I’d track when I have those Graceland dreams to see what was going on in my life at those times. Were the creative powers-that-be checking in on me because I was feeling challenged or off-track, just needing a little backup or even a reminder that I’m not going it alone? I’d see it as affirmation of my path and a chance to reflect, musically and otherwise.”

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