June 19, 1978 12:00 PM

Ain’t misbehavin’ acceptable conduct on the night of the Tonys? “Da,” Mikhail Baryshnikov and 1,300 others agreed as they turned up for the 32nd annual Broadway awards at the Shubert Theatre. Also in the act, of course, were Liza Minnelli, who at 32 took home her third Tony, Jessica Tandy, who won her second after 51 seasons in the theater (for her performance in The Gin Game), and Barnard Hughes (TV’s Doc), who got his first after some 400 stage roles. He was named best actor and his play, Da, best drama. On the Twentieth Century roared in with five awards (though not best musical, which went to Ain’t Misbehavin’).

Chapter two began as soon as the brisk telecast was over. Limos inched across town to the Waldorf, where the specialties were champagne, Grand Marnier mousse and cheek-to-cheek dancin’ in the Grand Ballroom.

About 2 a.m., Liza, sometime boyfriend Baryshnikov, sister Lorna Luft and Halston were runaways to Studio 54. Making a grand entrance, Minnelli won more bravas. “The thing I like most is to work hard,” she said. “The second thing is when someone says: ‘You did a good job.’ ” As for the Tonys, same time, next year.

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