September 11, 1995 12:00 PM

UNDERSTAND, WE ARE AS ENTHUSIASTIC about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the next guy. But—’Ay, caramba!—someone has to say this: enough, amigos! It was one thing to stand by when Melanie Griffith ended her on-off-on-off-again marriage to Don Johnson in May after falling for Antonio Banderas on the set of their forthcoming romantic comedy Two Much. It might even have been reasonable to have cut Spain’s sexiest export some slack when he suddenly declared that his own troubled eight-year marriage to Spanish actress Ana Leza was history. Hey, if we can forgive Hugh Grant a moment’s momentous indiscretion, surely we can allow Antonio one irresistible impulse too. “We were totally overwhelmed [by love],” Banderas told Hello! magazine last month. “And now here we are unable to be without each other.”

Which brings us back to the selfevident truth thing: You can be too rich, too thin—and too darned happy. Between intercontinental smooches, Banderas, 35, and Griffith, 38, have rented a home in L.A., where they hope to raise a family. (Griffith’s publicist denies rumors that she is already pregnant.) “In Spain,” Banderas, momentarily unlocking his lips from Griffith’s, said last month, “we’re passionate about everything.” Yeah, well, at least we know when to unpucker and pass the remote.

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