March 03, 1986 12:00 PM

I thought it was a little scary at first,” admitted Rich Martin, 30, of his own party, and he could say that again. Sixty sets of twins—identical, fraternal, ages 3 to 70—had gathered for a Valentine’s Day dinner at New York’s trendy El Internacional restaurant. The event was billed as “Face to Face: A Celebration of Twins.” Martin, an art director and a twin, dreamed up the evening with restaurant designer Antoni Miralda, 44. After the guests feasted on double soup and twin quail eggs, the crown for best double-dealing went to twins Barry and Bruce Golden-berg, plastic surgeon and dentist of suburban N.Y., and their mates, twin dentists Cheryl and Barbi Kantor. The wives had timed their pregnancies to coincide, so the babies would be “almost twins.” Talk about two-timing.

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