December 15, 2010 12:00 PM

Nursery accent pieces like the origami mobile came from San Miguel, Mexico!


Born Sept. 7, 2010

7 lbs., 18 in. long

Soon after Joe Don Rooney’s daughter Raquel Blue was born, older son Jagger spent a week in Florida with his grandparents, giving the Rascal Flatts’ guitarist and wife Tiffany Fallon a chance to bond with the new baby. “She’ll never be an only child like Jag was,” Rooney says. “So it was really a sweet special time for just the three of us.” Two-year-old Jagger, meanwhile, was ready to bond with his “Sissy,” as he calls her (her parents call her Rocky), from day one. “When he came to the hospital we asked if he could have a little hospital wristband, like the rest of us,” Fallon said. “It said, ‘Jagger, Big Brother,’ on it. He took to her right away.” It’s a good thing, since there are sure to be family road trips in their future. “I’m not trying to move time along, but it will be fun when they can understand what we do and take part in it,” Rooney says.


Born Aug. 11, 2010

6 lbs. 8 oz., 21 in. long

At 6:30 one recent morning, Luke Bryan arrived home from a tour run to find his whole family cuddled together asleep in his bed, new baby Tate lying across wife Caroline while 2-year-old Bo was sprawled out, upside down. “I climbed in with Caroline, put Tate on my chest and took Bo’s feet and was rubbing them,” he says. “It was my whole world right there.” His world certainly expanded with the arrival of baby Tate, who is proving to be a calmer version of his rambunctious older sibling. “He doesn’t cry much and he sleeps,” Caroline says. “Bo would stay awake a lot!” And although Bo is still a little reluctant to share Mom (“He has moments when he asks me to put Tate down,” she admits), he’s learning to love his little brother-slowly. “Sometimes he’ll walk up and poke him in the eye, but mostly he just tries to love on him too hard,” Luke says.

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