January 08, 2007 12:00 PM

Finlay Bennett Shelton

December 1, 2006 8 lbs.

With a household full of five kids prone to wrestling, screaming and teasing each other, it’s understandable that Project Runway finalist Laura Bennett can’t stop marveling at her new-and-subdued son Finn. “He is so calm! Noise doesn’t bother him,” says Bennett, 43, who played out her pregnancy while competing on the equally chaotic reality show Project Runway before giving birth to her sixth—and she says last!—child on Dec. 1. “He’s been a dream baby. I hope it doesn’t change.”

Not that she has a bad word to say about Finn’s comparatively boisterous big brothers—Peik, 10, Truman, 8, Pierson, 4, and Larson, 3. “They can be very rowdy,” says the New Orleans native, who relies on her husband, architect Peter Shelton, 61, Cleo, 18 (her daughter from a previous marriage), and two nannies to help rein in her rugrats. “They look like this wild pack of wolves, but in truth they’re very kind and patient with each other. They share everything.” Except for Mom’s clean, elegant fashion aesthetic. But even when the boys scribble red marker on the white walls of the family’s Manhattan apartment or turn their shirts inside out to hide a stain, the designer hardly flinches. “I’m pretty laid-back as a mom,” says Bennett, who is currently shopping around a line of maternity wear and working on a cocktail-dress collection. “If I freaked over that kind of stuff, I wouldn’t survive.”

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