By Mark Dagostino
October 19, 2009 12:00 PM


Age: 36. Currently in her fifth SNL season, Wiig has also made her mark in films like Knocked Up and Adventureland.


Age: 57. There at the start of SNL, Newman has since found success voicing animation. “I love it,” says the mother of two teens. “It lets me be a mom.”

Are you fans of each other’s characters?

NEWMAN: Oh God, yes.

WIIG: I don’t know a lot of the names, but of course Connie Conehead, and the Valley Girl—

NEWMAN: Sheri, yeah. I tried never to repeat characters. It was dumb of me because it kind of made me invisible.

WIIG: I don’t think you were ever invisible.

And Laraine?

NEWMAN: Where do I start? The two A-holes, and the Target Lady, and Aunt Linda—everything!

Has SNL‘s comedy changed in 35 years?

NEWMAN: I look at it kind of like the Olympics: What gymnasts could do in 1975 is nothing compared to what they can do now.

WIIG: I think people pay much more attention to the political stuff we’re doing now. I don’t know if it’s just the times, or that there’s so much that’s able to be parodied recently.

NEWMAN: From a technical standpoint, I see all the hairpieces, and wardrobe, and technology—that’s just dazzling to me. When I think about our skits it’s like the Stone Age!

The show always pushed boundaries, though …

NEWMAN: I was the first person to ever say “sucks” on television.

WIIG: Really?

NEWMAN: I was also the first to say “pissed off.”

WIIG: That’s an honor!

NEWMAN: I had to personally apologize to the NBC censor—but boy, today they pass me by!

Is anything the same?

NEWMAN: The schedule.

WIIG: The norm is to go in at 3 p.m., go home at 7 the next morning.

NEWMAN: It’s definitely the domain of the young.

And behind the scenes?

WIIG: Just tons of drugs and sex stories. Nothing anyone wants to hear.