Now Married to Mimi Rogers, Tom's Cruising Days Are Over

Marriage can be a risky business, but Tom Cruise is investing nonetheless. On May 9, in a ceremony so secret even his publicist didn’t know about it, Top Gun’s top gun exchanged vows with actress Mimi Rogers.

Cruise, 24, and Rogers, 32, were married in a Unitarian ceremony in upstate New York. Emilio Estevez, himself recently disengaged from fiancée Demi Moore, was the best man. Estevez and Cruise have been friends since working together on 1983’s The Outsiders. The wedding was “very small, intimate and beautiful,” according to the mother of the groom, Mary Lee South. South, not surprisingly, says she is “extremely happy” for the pair and considers her new daughter-in-law “top notch.”

Cruise, whose all-American grin and cocky walk have made him leader of the Brat Pack at the box office, has previously been linked romantically (we’re talking more than one sighting here) only to Rebecca De Mornay, his co-star in Risky Business. Rogers, on the other hand, has always been better known for the company she keeps than for her acting career. After a marriage in the late ’70s to Scientology counselor Jim Rogers, she has been amorous with Ed Marinaro, Tom Selleck and Kennedy clansman Bobby Shriver. Professionally, Rogers is best known for two failed TV series, The Rousters and Paper Dolls, as Michael Keaton’s girlfriend in Gung Ho, and as Christopher Reeve’s girlfriend in the recent Street Smart.

With the wedding wrapped, it’s back to business for the couple. No trip to Niagara Falls or heart-shaped bed in the Poconos for these kids. Rogers has just finished filming Ridley Scott’s Someone To Watch Over Me, and Cruise is awaiting rewrites on his new movie, Rainman. Work or no work, you could say that Rainman’s main man has someone new to watch over him.

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