By People Staff
April 15, 1991 12:00 PM

Birds chirped, bees buzzed. But when the sun set over the Holmby Hills, Calif., estate of aerospace executive Allen Paulson and his wife, Madelaine, last week, all ears were on Lee Iacocca’s “I do,” as the 66-year-old Chrysler chief and best-selling business pundit wed Darrien Earle, 45, a former model turned restaurateur. “There was not a dry eye in the place,” says bridesmaid Christy Gordon.

“It was very quiet and romantic.”

The couple had been dating since 1988 when they were introduced by a friend. It is Iacocca’s third marriage (his first wife died in 1983, and he was divorced from his second, Peggy Johnson, after a 19-month marriage, in 1987) and Earle’s second. “We’re so much alike,” said Darrien. “We’re both Libras. We both love having lots of people around us.”

After the private garden ceremony, about 80 friends joined the wedding party for duck sausage pizzas, caviar and salmon. Lee revved up a late-model rock-and-roll dance step. But the highlight was the wedding cake, topped by two Faberge-style eggs sculpted out of frosting. The bride’s contained a white gardenia; Iacocca’s held—what else?—a chocolate replica of the Chrysler pentastar.