August 18, 1997 12:00 PM

ON A QUIET BLOCK IN HENDERSON, NEV., ONE house screams for attention. Outside, it’s painted an iridescent yellow; inside, the kitchen decor sports 26 garish colors. Nor have the finer details been overlooked, such as archways high enough to accommodate a certain woman bearing a tall, conical mass of blue hair. The overall effect, boasts Hollywood set designer Rick Floyd, who did the decorating, is “Toontown meets Married…with Children.” Floyd watched 113 episodes of FOX’s The Simpsons to make sure the $150,000 real-life replica of the casa where Homer, Marge, Bart and the gang have carried on since 1988 was sufficiently tacky. Built to promote the show’s new season, the house will be raffled off at the end of the Sept. 21 premiere (selected Pepsi-Cola products bear entry numbers). Whoever wins, says executive producer Mike Scully, “will either be the most loved or most hated [homeowner] in the neighborhood.” Just like the Simpsons themselves, back in Springfield, U.S.A.

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