March 14, 1977 12:00 PM

Everyone agrees that Grace Jones is the cat’s meow—but is this any way to prove it? Visiting New York from Paris, where she reigns as one of Europe’s top cover girls, uncovered Grace let a photographer talk her into wrapping a five-foot wig and every one of her own 68 feline inches around two less exotic creatures. Grace is not only into giving back rubs to upholstered leopards, she is also promoting her new pop singing career. At present it is built largely around a disco single, Sorry/That’s the Trouble, for which she wrote the lyrics. “Music gives me energy,” purrs Jamaica-born Grace, 24. One of seven children, she has a twin, Christian, who is now a model in New York. Grace grew up in Syracuse, N.Y., where her father was a minister. Two and a half years ago she arrived in Paris and almost immediately appeared on two magazine covers. She shares a flat with a French boyfriend who runs a disco. “I’m bold! I’m a revolutionary,” says Grace. “I was the first kid in my high school to wear an Afro, and I was the first black model to wear cropped hair. I was even born feet first. My mother says that’s why I travel so much and move so fast.”

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