After giving birth to her third child, the model drops 59 lbs. with a healthy diet-and an occasional cinnamon roll

By People Staff
Updated May 03, 2010 12:00 PM

NOW 138 LBS.


Most moms might struggle to lose post-pregnancy pounds with two growing sons in the house. “They are meat and potato boys,” Taylor says of her 15-year-old twins, Hunter and Jake. “They eat cinnamon rolls, cereal-basically teenager food.” But Taylor, 35, stuck to her own mom food-a healthy diet of oatmeal sprinkled with berries, and chicken broiled in coconut oil-that has helped the model lose 59 lbs. since giving birth to her daughter Ciel, now 13 months. (Dad is race car driver Burney Lamar, 29.) But if Taylor finds herself craving a cinnamon roll too, she limits herself to one bite-or else. “If I have dessert, I spend half an hour more exercising,” says the 5’11” model, who spends 30 minutes a day doing cardio-walking, jogging or on a gym treadmill. “So I would rather just have the bite than work out an hour!” As for weight training? Well, that’s just part of motherhood: “I’m lifting a 25-lb. baby, her stroller and a diaper bag,” she says. “That’s a workout.”