December 12, 2005 12:00 PM

Quick—you’re a single guy about to host Thanksgiving dinner for your parents, your girlfriend and her parents. For the love of Rachael Ray, what’s a man to do? If you’re Keith Urban, bag the baster and order a gourmet insta-meal that’s delivered hours before your guests of honor—Nicole Kidman, her mom, Janelle, and dad, Antony—arrive. Despite his culinary shortcomings, Urban cooked up a family-friendly holiday weekend in Nashville, where the two Australian clans broke bread together at his home and the next day hit a local park to walk off some of those calories. Urban later escorted the Kidmans to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Flea Market, where fans let them shop in peace. Says one vendor: “I saw her and thought, ‘This must be the girlfriend he doesn’t want to talk about.’ ” But Urban, 38, didn’t mind showing that he’s smitten with Kidman, also 38, hugging the actress and even placing a protective hand over her belly. Could the country star be ordering baby food next year? Urban’s rep declined comment, but if this weekend’s festivities are any indication, the more the merrier.

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