November 26, 2001 12:00 PM

It’s news to no one that CNN senior international correspondent Nic Robertson is a cool man in a hot spot—Afghanistan. Under fire or under deadline, “I’ve seen him afraid, but I’ve never seen him lose his head, “says his wife, Margaret Lowrie, 45, a part-time CNN reporter in London.” We met in Jordan during the buildup to the Gulf War, and it was love at first sight.”

Viewers can see why. Says cameraman Alfredo De Lara, who’s worked with Robertson for two years: “He looks like a clean-cut guy and doesn’t play up that image of the unshaved war correspondent.” Whether covering conflicts in Rwanda or Northern Ireland, the 6’1″ Robertson, a Brit, keeps the home fires stoked with several calls a day to the London house he shares with Margaret and daughters Lowrie, 10, and Nicky, 6. “He wants to know every detail of our lives,” his wife reports. But such info, the 39-year-old Robertson admits, can take the fun out of being far afield. “The other day they were having sausage and chips,” he says. “It put a picture in my mind: evening, rain, sitting in the house with the girls. It made me so homesick.”

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