By People Staff
May 08, 2006 12:00 PM

Stacy Keibler, 26

YOU KNOW HER FROM: The second season of TV’s Dancing with the Stars.

BEFORE THAT: The 5′11″ Keibler scored big bucks as a pro wrestler with the WWE. Her contract ends in July.

FOR THE RECORD: Her legs are 41 5/8″ from hip to heel. “People ask me all the time if they are insured.” They are not.

GROWING UP: “I was gangly. I had no butt. I had braces, teased hair.”

COMING INTO HER OWN: “Wrestling was the first time I realized I had beauty, because I was so different from the other girls—and I wasn’t the best, yet I was still a fan favorite.”

Gabriel Aubry, 30

YOU KNOW HIM FROM: Ad campaigns for Versace, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein. “He’s got that strong, classic and mysterious aura about him,” says Donatella Versace.

YOU MAY RECOGNIZE HIM AS: Halle Berry’s model boyfriend.

BEAUTY SECRET: “When you’re tan, you can’t go wrong. That’s why it’s dangerous to go shopping when you’re tan.”

BIGGEST INDULGENCE: “I love tanning. That’s my vice.”

HIS MUST-HAVE: “I cannot live without conditioner. I like Garnier because it smells like apple.”

Bahar Soomekh, 31

YOU KNOW HER FROM: Crash. She played the shopkeeper’s daughter.

UP NEXT: A top-secret role in Mission: Impossible III. “I don’t play any ethnicity, which is cool,” says the Iranian-born actress. “Until recently, every audition I had to cry my eyes out because my husband just blew himself up.”

BEAUTY REGIMEN: Thirty minutes for makeup; one hour for hair. “Blow-drying your hair straight is a b-i-t-c-h.”

SHE’S A STICKLER FOR: Eyebrow tweezing by a Persian pro who “knows how to not overdo it and keep the Middle Eastern style.”

Brandon Routh, 26

YOU KNOW HIM FROM: A year as Seth on One Life to Live; a guest spot on Will & Grace.

UP NEXT: Leaping tall buildings to star with Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns, out in June.

SO, THE COSTUME? “I got used to the tights pretty fast. And when you wear a cape, you glide and flow; you become regal. I’d recommend it.”

NEVER AGAIN: “Frosting my hair. I looked like a late-’90s frat boy. I cut off the frosted tips myself.”

Rupert Friend, 24

YOU KNOW HIM FROM: Pride & Prejudice. He played Mr. Wickham.

UP NEXT: Four films, including Guilty Pleasures with Mischa Barton.

AND THOSE ORLANDO BLOOM COMPARISONS? “He’s one of the most beautiful people in the world and he’s a lovely guy, so it’s very flattering.”

Moon Bloodgood, 30

YOU KNOW HER FROM: Her turn as the intrepid bush pilot in Disney’s Eight Below.

BEFORE THAT: The half-Korean, half-Dutch-Irish actress boosted team spirit as an L.A. Laker Girl, which led to parts such as “Gorgeous Woman” in 2004’s Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

UP NEXT: Besides her wedding to actor Eric Balfour (Conviction), she’s shooting a TV pilot, Day Break, with Taye Diggs.

LASH AID: “Asian girls can’t live without Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, because our eyelashes just point straight down and we don’t have a lot of them. I’m only half Asian, so I get a little bit of curl.”

TRUE CONFESSION: “I have kind of a big head. I have a hard time finding hats to fit me.”

Kevin Zegers, 21

YOU KNOW HIM FROM: Transamerica. He played Felicity Huffman’s troubled, newly found son.

BEFORE THAT: He starred in four Air Bud movies as a child actor!

COMPLAINTS: “I wish I were taller [he’s 5′9’]. And I can’t grow facial hair.”

BEST COMPLIMENT: “A girl thought I was Johnny Depp. I said, ‘Jeez, do I look 40 years old?'”

James Blunt, 32

YOU KNOW HIM FROM: His earnest falsetto as the singer of “You’re Beautiful,” his chart-topping double-platinum song.

BEFORE THAT: He was a captain in the British army, even escorting the Queen.

UP NEXT: Summer concert tour to promote his album Back to Bedlam.

WHAT HE BRINGS ON TOUR: “A bar of soap.” Why so basic? “In the army you carry as little as possible. Most touring bands do the same.”

BEAUTY ICON: “My father’s in the army. He doesn’t facial himself either.”

MOST FREQUENT COMPLIMENT: “They say I have a lovely guitar.”