April 11, 1977 12:00 PM

According to Stan Kann, 49, to each his own compulsion. He owns an 1897 Golden Rod, a prized 1928 Hoover, the first Electrolux ever made and an 1897 model which requires two to operate—”for people who sweep together.” The owner of the world’s largest (and only private) vacuum cleaner collection—200-odd models—comedian Stan Kann has turned his lifelong passion into a frantic, antic vacuum salesman routine with which he guest-stars regularly on the Johnny Carson and Mike Douglas shows.

A one-time organist at St. Louis’ Fox Theater and longtime local TV host, Kann, encouraged by comedienne Phyllis Diller, moved to L.A. two years ago. He left behind a 28-room mansion where, in the early stages of his hobby, each make had a room of its own. While developing a pilot for a how-to-do-it show, Can Stan?, Kann was asked if he has ever consulted a psychiatrist about his obsessive attachments. Yes, says Stan, “But then the shrink spent the hour telling me how he collects electric irons.”

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