By People Staff
December 30, 1991 12:00 PM

She commands up to $15,000 just to sashay down a Paris runway in an outfit you could fit in a thimble. But, hey, who’s counting? Three-quarters legs and one-quarter come-hither pout, British-born Naomi Campbell is not only the face of the year, but also the hottest black model since Iman arrived in 1975. She was everywhere this year—except, perhaps, on time for her 21st birthday bash last May in New York City, keeping such guests as Madonna and designer Donna Karan cooling their heels. (OK, so she is long on charm and short on manners.)

Discovered in London’s Covent Garden as a 15-year-old schoolgirl, she now practically lives in the Concorde, stretch limos and the gossip columns, where she’s been linked to Mike Tyson and Robert De Niro. Well, more than linked. She admits a past fling with Tyson and claims De Niro as her current beau. “I used to deny that I’d ever even gone out with him,” she says, “but you only live once, and it’s just too ridiculous to lie. We are seeing each other.”

She’s also been seeing a rock star, but strictly for business. Earlier this year Campbell recorded a duet with rapper-Vanilla Ice for his Cool as Ice movie soundtrack. “What I want to do is dance music with a strong guitar in the background and a rock sound,” says the aspiring singer.

For the moment she’s keeping the day job, where she already is a superstar. “They used to call up asking for a beautiful white model or a beautiful black model,” Campbell says. “Now they just ask for a beautiful model. It just doesn’t matter what color you are anymore. If I’ve had something to do with that change, then I’m really proud of it.”