Nancy's Newborn

Ice skater Nancy Kerrigan just got an early but very special Mother’s Day gift: her second baby. Brian Solomon, who weighed 7 lbs. 9 oz., was delivered via C-section April 14, leaving the 1994 Olympic silver medalist and husband Jerry Solomon exhausted but exhilarated. “It took a long time for this guy,” says Kerrigan, 35, who suffered through six miscarriages over eight years before the birth. “Since we had Matthew, we have been hoping this would happen.”

So has Matthew himself, now 8, who “thinks it’s the greatest thing ever,” says Kerrigan, who was briefly readmitted to the hospital hours after taking Brian home on April 19 because of internal bleeding. Matthew “has had this as Christmas and birthday wishes since he was 2.” Even during his first visit to Winchester Hospital, near the family’s home in the Boston suburb of Lynnfield, Mass., Matthew was already showing his stuff as a big brother, holding the baby and “waiting for him to wake up so he could feed him,” Kerrigan says. “He’s trying to be a good helper.” (Clay, Solomon’s 16-year-old son from his first marriage, who lives with his mother in Maryland, suggested the name Brian.)

During her struggle to have a second child with Solomon, 50, CEO of The Football Network, Kerrigan frequently leaned on her own mother, Brenda, 65, who lives just minutes from her. “It’s like living on a roller coaster,” says Kerrigan of coping with the miscarriages, which she declined to discuss in greater detail. “You have to learn to love yourself and be happy with yourself, because it’s really out of your control.”

Prior to her most recent pregnancy, Kerrigan had already curtailed her skating appearances so that she could focus on motherhood, last performing on the pro tour during the 2003-2004 winter season. “Nancy has fought for this, she has really struggled,” says friend John Michael Williams, a children’s book author and film director. “But it’s not surprising she would hang in there for so long, considering that for years she was on the ice every morning at 5 a.m.”

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