May 04, 1989 12:00 PM

Hey, everybody! How we doin’? (Applause) Awriiight! What a great crowd and what a terrific day to play…Name That Came! The one show designed for you folks at home who watch other games because you know you’d win the car if only you were on! Will you puh-lease welcome today’s mystery guest, the grreatest single contestant of all time, who won how much on what? Riiight, it’s Thorn McKee, who earned $312,700 on Tic Tac Dough in 1980! Okay, are we ready for the first question? Awriiight! Since 1948 how many weeks have gone by without a game show on the air? You are correct! None! Next question! Why do game shows make so much money? Yes, the answer is the prizes are donated, the clothes are on loan, the contestants work free, the celebs work for scale, and five shows are taped in one day of studio rental! And now—who’s the biggest game show producer ever? You are right, Merv Griffin in 1987 got $250 million for his TV production company, including Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, the all-time top-rated syndicated show! Next, what game show featured Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck? Ohh, sorry! They both went on The Dating Came twice and neither got picked either time! Now, what was the most popular network game show ever? You bet your life, it was The $64,000 Question, until the public found out it was rigged! Now, just time for a final question and it’s a real toughie. What quiz show ran, off and on, from 1948 to 1986 and was hosted by which four famous emcees? Sorry, your 12 seconds are up! The answer is Break the Bank with Bert Parks, who also hosted Party Line, Stop the Music, Balance Your Budget, Double or Nothing, Two in Love, Giant Step, Hold That Note, Bid ‘n Buy, Masquerade Party, Yours for a Song and The Big Payoff; Bud Collyer, who also hosted Winner Take All, This Is the Missus, Beat the Clock, Quick as a Flash, Feather Your Nest, On Your Way and To Tell the Truth; Jack Barry, who also hosted The Big Surprise, High-Low, Concentration, Tic Tac Dough, The Reel Game, The Joker’s Wild and Twenty-One; and Gene Rayburn, who also hosted Musical Chairs, Play Your Hunch, Dough Re Mi, Amateur’s Guide to Love and The Match Game. Well, time’s up for today! Seeyatamarrah! Love yewww! (Applause)

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