November 17, 2014 12:00 PM

I wanted to be an actress and to earn my stripes myself,” says Anjelica Huston, blessed and burdened with a celebrated dad (director John Huston) and famous lover (Jack Nicholson). But Huston, 63, paved her own path with an Oscar (Prizzi’s Honor) and indelible roles (The Grifters, Crimes and Misdemeanors). Now she’s proven herself an able memoirist, publishing two books in as many years. Watch Me picks up after A Story Lately Told’s tale of her childhood. Love now takes the lead, and Huston delivers: from her early days with Nicholson (his prior girlfriend Michelle Phillips once brought Anjelica orange juice in his bedroom) to her low-drama romance with husband Robert Graham. Her process for putting life on the page? Says Huston: “I think in stories.”

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