By Alexis Chiu
January 21, 2008 12:00 PM

Best part about being a dad: “When my sons [Gitrid, 21; Malcolm, 20; and Tracy, 16] say “I love you.”

Date activity: “A quiet dinner at home. I can throw down in the kitchen. My favorite to cook is fried catfish with cheese grits.”

Room in the house: “The kitchen. It’s where the food is.”

Old TV show: “Sanford and Son. It’s from when TV was good. It was not politically correct. [On 30 Rock] we’re not afraid. We’re fearless.”

Item of clothing: “Sneakers. On the West Coast I have 4,000 pairs. On the East Coast I have 6,500. Ladies buy pocketbooks and stuff like that. Sneakers are my fetish. I’m old school, so I love Adidas, Nikes and Pumas.”

Splurge: “I love my cars. I have four: a Range Rover, Ferrari, Jaguar and Infiniti. My Ferrari [a red Testarossa] cost $450,000.”