October 22, 2012 12:00 PM

Michael Urie


When Michael Urie, 32, took his first look at the cozy kitchen in his Hollywood home, “I dreamt of having a diner booth,” says the star of the new CBS sitcom Partners and an Ugly Betty alum. But first the actor had to address the room’s color scheme. “When I moved in, it was very dark; it was like a vampire’s lair,” recalls Urie, who added pops of brightness, including a specially commissioned sunflower wall painting. “My dad’s a pretty good artist, so I made him paint it,” he says. Urie, who shares his pad with his Brussels griffon Sprouts, uses his nook for game time (round of dominoes, anyone?) and of course to eat breakfast. “I’m not a cook,” he admits. “But I can whip up a mean yogurt parfait.”

Wendy Williams


“It’s a showcase room,” says Wendy Williams, 48, of the delightfully impractical space where she hangs her own art and displays pieces chosen to flaunt her personality. “I love lots of color and animal prints,” she says, while lounging on what she calls her “hip hop throne.” One thing the Wendy Williams Show host doesn’t like? White walls. “They’re so boring,” she says. “I think of black as a neutral color.” Although she’s made a career out of being a vivacious hostess on TV, Williams takes a more low-key approach to her off-camera existence. “We never have people over,” she says of life with husband Kevin Hunter and their son Kevin Jr., 12. “The more my career has taken off, the more I’ve treasured my home as a sacred place. And it’s the one place on earth that should be absolutely you!”

Josh Hopkins


JOSH HOPKINS’S BEDROOM gets a lot of action. “I do everything in here-read scripts, study, play guitar and write songs while I sit up against the headboard,” says the single Cougar Town star, 42, who shares his L.A. hideaway with his 3-year-old German Shepherd Maxwell. “I can seal myself in here away from everything.” There’s a scented diffuser by his bedside (a gift from Cougar Town costar Courteney Cox), but otherwise the actor relishes the room’s masculine touches, including built-in ceiling speakers (“It’s a guy thing,” he says). But if a future special someone were to come in and add a few girlish touches? “I am ready and willing!” says Hopkins. “I would fem it up happily!”

Megan Hilty


When her starring role on Smash forced Megan Hilty to relocate from L.A. to New York City, “I was like, ‘If I’m gonna splurge on one thing, it’s gonna be my home,'” she says. Now the actress is living in her “dream apartment” on the Upper West Side. “It’s got space. It’s got air,” says Hilty, 31, who lives with her boyfriend, actor Brian Gallagher, 32. “And the view is ridiculous-you can see everything!” So what was Hilty’s biggest impulse buy for her new space? The wraparound couch. “I saw it in the window and said, ‘I want that,'” she says, while cuddling with her Jack Russell terriers Harley and Gracie. “Everyone can fit on it!”

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