May 20, 2013 12:00 PM

It should have been a magical time. Celebrity wedding-planner David Tutera and his partner of 10 years, Ryan Jurica, were expecting twins via surrogate—and would finally be starting a family this summer. “They were so looking forward to becoming parents,” says a source close to the My Fair Wedding host, 47.

But with months still to go before they were to bring home their babies, the couple’s relationship fell to pieces. Now Tutera and Jurica, who were married in Vermont in 2003, are embroiled in an increasingly ugly divorce, as both men vow to fight for sole custody of their unborn children—and lob nasty accusations at each other.

In court documents filed in Connecticut, where they have a home, Jurica, 35, claimed that Tutera was an unfaithful sex addict who had hired prostitutes. (Tutera calls the allegations “baseless and untrue.”) Tutera’s side claims Jurica’s substance abuse broke up the marriage. “Ryan couldn’t deal with his problems, and that was the last straw for David,” says the source. (Counters Bettina Hindin, attorney for Jurica, who was arrested twice for alcohol-related issues post-split: “Ryan knew he had a problem and went to rehab to fix it. He’s clean and sober.”)

Now the pair will battle it out in court for the rights to their children. While neither side will comment on the paternity of the twins, family-law specialist Steve Mindel says that shouldn’t affect custody: “The most likely outcome is a joint custodial situation.” Whatever happens, says the Tutera source, “David’s focus is finding the best situation for his children.”

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