January 10, 1994 12:00 PM

Many celebs, when they want to fling off the flab or just chill out, head to luxury spas, where they are wrapped, waxed, steamed, cleaned and creamed. Some spas are places where one takes to the waters, others emphasize weight loss, and all offer myriad massages. Here’s a quick guide to the hot spas, who goes to them and why, and how much they set their customers back.


Santa Monica, Calif.

Atmosphere: Opulent Romanesque

Who goes: The Arnolds, Whoopi Goldberg, Tori Spelling, Sharon Stone

What it costs: $223-$350/day; or pay by the treatment

Spécialité de la maison: An $89 thermal seaweed wrap that slims you two inches for 10 hours

Celebs are into: Those 10 hours

Dress code: Spa-issued velour robe

Food: Catered low-fat

Bottom line: “I didn’t realize that S&M meant salt-glo and massage until I came to BW,” says Tanya Roberts.


Los Angeles, Calif.

Atmosphere: Cinder-block building in unglamorous midtown

Who goes: Madonna, Brooke Shields, Jean-Claude Van Damme

What it costs: Admission fee to hot and cold mineral pools, $25-$30; massage treatments extra

Spécialité de la maison: Soaking in natural artesian-well mineral water to tunes played on a baby grand piano

Celebs are into: Herbal potions from on-site apothecary—e.g., a restorative 11-herb tea, which can be strengthened with ground-up deer antlers

Dress code: Very large towel

Food: Seaweed soup and deli sandwiches

Great Moments in History: Two movie packages have been put together during dips in the springs.


Desert Hot Springs, Calif.

Atmosphere: The former home of Al Capone

Who goes: Kelsey Grammer, Daryl Hannah, Robin Williams

What it costs: Rooms, $105-$412/day; spa services extra

Spécialité de la maison: Green clay and peat moss mud baths ($45)

Celebs are into: Thumbing through screenplays; schmoozing in the ooze

Dress code: Hardly any. Two starlets once strolled from a sunbathing session in to lunch starkers.

Food: California cuisine and pricey wines

Great Moment in History: In the movie The Player, Tim Robbins and Greta Scacchi lolled in the slime.


Tucson, Ariz.

Atmosphere: High Desert Heaven

Who goes: John F. Kennedy Jr., Paul McCartney, Jackie Onassis

What it costs: Package rates start at $1,390/5 days

Spécialtiés de la maison: Parisian Body Polish ($78) using creamed crushed pearls, astrology readings ($ 125), past-life regressions ($180)

Celebs are into: Having their first-run movies shown on the spa’s closed-circuit television channel

Dress code: Competitive chic warm-up suit (Ellesse or better)

Food: Low-fat but fun Great Moment in History: Jason Patric cuddled Julia Roberts here the day before she canceled her wedding to Kiefer Sutherland.


Miami, Fla.

Atmosphere: Roman busts, gurgling fountains

Who goes: Loni Anderson, Donna Karan, Joan Lunden, Diane Sawyer

What it costs: $3,165/week, including 13 hours of treatments

Spécialité de la maison: Total body Fango mud massage ($85)

Celebs are into: All-out pampering

Dress code: Jewelry with warm-up suits

Food: Skinny takes on Caesar salad, filet mignon and chocolate cake

Great Moment in History: Before collecting his Oscar for Unforgiven, Gene Hackman headed here for some rest and relaxation.

Bottom line: “At dinner, you could be sitting next to a Saudi Arabian prince wearing a bathrobe,” says Doral’s spokesperson, Cathy Casper.


Calabasas, Calif.

Atmosphere: New Age boot camp

Who goes: Richard Dreyfuss, Shirley MacLaine, Barbra Streisand

What it costs: $2,100/week

Spécialité de la maison: Forced marches up mountainsides

Celebs are into: Refreshing monasticism

Dress code: Strict uniform of white T-shirts and red sweatpants

Food: Raw fruit and veggies

Bottom line: “Pure exercise hell,” according to Spalding Gray.

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