July 15, 2001 12:00 PM

“And the winner is…some guy named Laurence Hill.”

PAUL McCARTNEY, presenting the video of the year award to Lauryn Hill, at the 1999 Video Music Awards

“Mick, what are you, 50? Put on a shirt!”

ROSEANNE to a bare-chested Mick Jagger, backstage at the 1994 VMAs

“If you want something permanent, get a tattoo.”

CYNTHIA, giving marital advice to Joe, on The Real World Miami in 1996

“The Spice Girls: 10 million records sold and I can’t find one person that’ll admit to buying one!”

CHRIS ROCK, hosting the 1997 VMAs

“You believed in me when I was chubby.”

MADONNA, thanking the network on MTV 10 in 1991

“Heard any good jokes lately?”

PEE-WEE HERMAN, a.k.a. Paul Reubens, making his first public appearance since his arrest for indecent exposure in July ’91, at the VMAs held two months later

“It’s the one night you can fit all the people I don’t like into one room.”

EMINEM, accepting one of his three awards at the 2000 VMAs

“I’ve just killed my chances of ever winning an Oscar.”

JIM CARREY, after nabbing best comedic performance and best kiss, both for Dumb and Dumber, at the 1995 MTV Movie Awards

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