Most Wanted

NAME: Antonio Banderas

HEIGHT: 5’10”

AGE: 38

LAST SEEN: Riding into the sunset in The Mask of Zorro

WANTED BY: Angie Dickinson

ANGIE DICKINSON: “Antonio Banderas. He’s great-looking and has that wonderful thing called humor, and he’s mature. He’s dazzling.”

GILLIAN ANDERSON: “Johnny Depp, because he’s so damn good at what he does. Anybody who is really talented at what they do is sexy to me.”

SARAH FERGUSON: “Sean Connery. He’s got a very good voice and a very good Scottish way about him, and he’s got strong views on life.”

DIONNE WARWICK: “Wesley Snipes, because he’s not only sensual to look at but has an ability to transmit that—it just flies out at you.”

NAME: Vince Vaughn

HEIGHT: 6’5″

AGE: 28

LAST SEEN: Slyly Framing Joaquin Phoenix for murder in Clay Pigeons

WANTED BY: Anne Heche

ANNE HECHE: “Vince Vaughn [her Return to Paradise costar]. He’s old-fashioned in that he’s a true actor; he doesn’t rely on celebrity, as many actors do these days. To me, talent is very sexy.”

CHRISTINA APPLEGATE: “My boyfriend Johnathon Schaech is the sexiest. It’s something inherent in him. He’s so beautiful, but he doesn’t use that, and that’s what’s really wonderful about him.”

CHYNNA PHILLIPS: “My husband [William Baldwin] is definitely the most handsome man I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

TANYA TUCKER: “My fiancé, songwriter Jerry Laseter. When he sings me one of his songs and looks into my eyes, I feel as though I’m the only woman in the world.”

  • NAME: Brad Pitt
  • HEIGHT: 6′
  • AGE: 34
  • LAST SEEN: Making romantic moves as Death warmed over in Meet Joe Black
  • WANTED BY: Jenny McCarthy

JENNY MCCARTHY: “I still go with Brad Pitt. The guy is just gorgeous. His genes are perfect—like in DNA—and his jeans, you know? Both. He’s cute. I like his face—it’s handsome and chiseled, but he’s still kind of the boy next door.”

ALLY WALKER: “Mel Gibson, because he makes you laugh, and laughter is very seductive to me.”

KATHY NAJIMY: “Jeff Bridges. My first movie ever was with him in The Fisher King. He was so sexy and charming and made me feel so comfortable. At one point he took his T-shirt off because it was wet and asked me to hold it, and I just about buckled down and died.”

NAME: Michael J. Fox

HEIGHT: 5’4″

AGE: 37

LAST SEEN: Playing politics in ABC’s Spin City

WANTED BY: Kellie Martin

KELLIE MARTIN: “I’m going to have to stick with Michael J. Fox. He’s pretty sexy. It’s that Alex P. Keaton, brainy conservative thing. I go out with a guy who’s a law student, so I like the brainy, conservative thing.”

GLORIA REUBEN: “I really like Laurence Fishburne. I think he’s got a very charismatic and subdued appeal.”

NAME: John F. Kennedy Jr.

HEIGHT: 6’1″

AGE: 37

WANTED BY: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lara Flynn Boyle

SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR: “John F. Kennedy Jr. I like big Irish guys.”

LARA FLYNN BOYLE: “John F. Kennedy Jr. He’s eye candy. He’s career-oriented; his family history is Camelot. What more do you need? He’s a good Irish Catholic boy.”

NAME: Michael Jordan

HEIGHT: 6’6″

AGE: 55

LAST SEEN: Center court with the Chicago Bulls

WANTED BY: Holly Robinson Peete

CONNIE STEVENS: “Tom Berenger. He just is sexy. Some guys have it, some guys don’t.”

TIA CARRERE: “Al Pacino, my perennial favorite. He’s powerful, focused, intense and just brilliant.”

HOLLY ROBINSON PEETE: “The sexiest man of the year? Michael Jordan. I just think that he carries himself with such class. He has an amazing sex appeal. And it’s in his eyes—he has really sexy eyes.”

JADA PINKETT SMITH: “C’mon, you need to ask me that? Will Smith [her husband], baby!”

NAME: Jimmy Smits

HEIGHT: 6’3″

AGE: 43

LAST SEEN: Leaving NYPD Blue

WANTED BY: Cybill Shepherd

CYBILL SHEPHERD: “I kind of have the hots for Jimmy Smits. He’s just fabulous looking. He’s a kind, gentle man—and strong—and he’s kind of funny, too. I also love Harrison Ford. I hate to choose one. You know who I love? I’ve been looking back at Moonlighting because I’m doing a memoir, and Bruce Willis was fabulous—so funny, so sexy and such a good actor.”

LAUREN HOLLY: “I’d have to go with Harrison Ford, because he’s a total gentleman but you know there’s something raging underneath.”

KATARINA WITT: “Harrison Ford. He’s very muscular and manly but still soft—not so macho. You still feel comfortable with him.”

NAME: Edward Burns

HEIGHT: 6’1″

AGE: 30

LAST SEEN: Speaking Brooklynese in Saving Private Ryan

WANTED BY: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Gena Lee Nolin

GENA LEE NOLIN: “I think Ben Affleck is sexy, and I love Matt Damon; he has such a beautiful smile. Edward Burns—oohh, honey!”

TIFFANI-AMBER THIESSEN: “I have to say Edward Burns. He’s handsome, but not a pretty boy. He’s very classy, and he’s got a great voice. And I love the way he dresses.”

ANNE BANCROFT: “There is just nobody sexier than Mel Brooks [her husband]. He has the most brilliant, unique brain. He keeps me excited from the moment I wake up in the morning to the moment I go to bed. There’s nothing more exciting than interesting and unique ways of thinking.”

  • NAME: Matt Damon
  • HEIGHT: 5’11”
  • AGE: 28
  • LAST SEEN: Pulling a poker face in Rounders
  • WANTED BY: Tia and Tamera Mowry, Gena Lee Nolin
  • Tia: “Matt Damon!”
  • Tamera: “Oh, yeah!”
  • Tia: “Because his laugh, when he smiles…”
  • Tamera: “He has such beautiful teeth.”
  • Tia: “That’s important, a guy’s smile.”
  • Tamera: “It tells his personality right there.” Tia: “And he’s really cool.”
  • NAME: Sam Shepard
  • HEIGHT: 6′
  • AGE: 55
  • LAST SEEN: As himself, in a PBS documentary
  • WANTED BY: Julia Roberts

JULIA ROBERTS: “I have to go with Sam Shepard [her love interest in 1993’s The Pelican Brief]. He is a poetic think tank, that guy, which I think is incredibly appealing. ‘Sexy’ isn’t really a word that’s in my vocabulary. Sam has this incredible appeal—a very expansive, well-rounded appeal. And he’s terribly handsome.”

  • NAME: Paul Rudd
  • HEIGHT: 5’10”
  • AGE: 29
  • LAST SEEN: Shoring digs with Jennifer Aniston in The Object of My Affection
  • WANTED BY: Keri Russell

CAMRYN MANHEIM: “Steve Harris [her costar in The Practice]. If you got close to those lips, you’d know why. It’s just too bad we work together, because if we didn’t, there would be some hell raised!”

KERI RUSSELL: “I don’t know if there is a sexiest man alive. Paul Rudd is kind of cool, and Michael (The Pallbearer) Vartan. I like that they are attractive, but they look like they’ve read a book before in their lives.”

PAM GRIER: “Robert De Niro. He’s got a sparkle in his eyes, and that smile.”

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