August 29, 2011 12:00 PM

Joey McIntyre

Daughter Kira, born May 31

Griffin McIntyre, 3, has one tiny gripe about his new sister Kira. “He wants her to move into his room,” says dad Joey McIntyre, 38. But after two boys (they also have Rhys, 20 months), the New Kids on the Block singer and wife Barrett, 32, couldn’t wait to go girlie. “There is a lot of pink,” says Joey. “We dressed it up.”

kira’s room

The silver cup on Kira’s nightstand was a gift from Barrett’s grandparents.

Reed & Barton Francis First Sterling SilverChild Cup, $158;

griffin’s room

“I don’t know what Griffin loves more-tools or performing on a stage,” says Joey proudly. Another favorite hobby? “We play ‘Where’s Daddy?’ with the map,” says Barrett, so Griffin can track his dad when he’s out on tour.

Get the Look! This Map Is Your Map, $19.95;

rhys’s room

The Mcintyre’s middle child is the daredevil of the family. “Rhys is rough-and-tumble,” says Joey. “He loves to get into things.” But when he’s ready to sit still in his room, “he loves that chair.”

Personalized Blue Ticking Stripe Nod Chair, $125;

Laila Ali

Daughter Sydney J, born April 4

“It’s calming and serene and just a beautiful space,” says Ali, 33, who wanted a nursery sprinkled with touches of pink for her second child with husband Curtis Conway (son C.J. is now 3). So Little Crown Interiors created a haven that includes two pictures of angels per Mom’s request. “I’ve always loved cherubs,” says Ali, who will host ABC’s Everyday Health this fall. “I wanted her to grow up with guardian angels.” A canvas print of Ali as a baby with her famous father also hangs prominently over the crib. Says Ali: “I look at him as an earth angel.”

“When else in her life will she have a pink bed?” says Ali of Sydney’s Newport Cottages Hope crib. “It’s cute and fun.”

Far right: PBK Blocks, $49;

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