October 26, 1992 12:00 PM

Tennis Menace, 18

HAIR EFFECT: Princess Dye.

STYLE: Not her racket.

THE BRIGHT SIDE: She’s still young.

On court, the Yugoslav-born Seles is relatively safe in whites. But in civvies, the Grand Slam champ too often courts calamity, shopping with more enthusiasm than savvy. Her look runs the gamut from skintight homages to idol Madonna to strobe-bright glitz—this expensive mistake by Versace suggests an Ivana-in-training. And then there’s her coiffure. So far she has triple-faulted—with peroxide platinum, a curly copper top and her current sooty shade. While designer Valentino is kind—”I think she makes a bit of effort”—others think her sartorial strokes need work. Says menswear designer Andrew Fezza: “She tries too hard.”

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