By People Staff
January 09, 2006 12:00 PM

Somewhere, the fictional TV host Linda Richman is too verklempt to speak. Talk amongst yourselves, she’d whimper through a wadded Kleenex. I’ll give you a topic: Mike Myers and his wife, Robin Ruzan, have split after 12 years of marriage.

No reason was given for the breakup, which was announced on Dec. 23. But a publicist for the couple, who live in Los Angeles, says the two “remain committed and caring friends.” They were long admired for having one of Hollywood’s most durable partnerships. (“They’re two peas in a pod, watching each other’s backs and spending a lot of time together—I aspire to that,” Myers pal Alanis Morissette told PEOPLE in 2004.) Myers, 42, even went so far as to call Ruzan, 41, a comedy writer and actress, “my muse.”

He wasn’t kidding: Myers based one of his most popular Saturday Night Live characters the Barbra Streisand-obsessed, Yiddish-spouting Coffee Talk host Richman—on his mother-in-law, Linda Ruzan (née Richman). And his wife gave him the nudge he needed to—yeah, baby!—turn Austin Powers into box office gold. “He was doing this dialogue and sort of driving Robin crazy,” pal Jay Roach told PEOPLE in 1999. “I think she just got sick of it and said, ‘Instead of doing this to me, why don’t you just write a movie based on it?’”

The pair first met in 1987 when Myers attended a Chicago Blackhawks-Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game while on vacation in the Windy City. Before long Myers had left his native Ontario and moved to Chicago to be with Ruzan. While there, he started performing at comedy clubs and two years later joined SNL.

The pair wed in May 1993, and around the time some might feel a seven-year itch, Myers paid his wife the ultimate Austin Powers compliment: “Robin rejuvenates my mojo.” But when it comes to how Myers (who is working on Shrek 3) and Ruzan lost their mojo, neither side is talking. As Linda Richman might say: Discuss.