October 14, 2009 12:00 PM



“I’m a big gardener,” says Miranda. “I told my mom not to tell anyone, because I think that it’s older person-ish, but I really, really like it.”


“I was 10. My mom was landscaping our front yard, and I was the one picking up the flowers and putting them in the ground. I sort of took over! Now my neighbor will come over and we’ll plant flowers together. I have a big flower pot area next to my bedroom. Every few months I’ll take the old flowers out and put new ones in.”


“I think it’s kind of therapeutic,” she says. “It’s calming and fun. When the weather is nice, it’s nice to just be in the environment.”

Playing Guitar

I’ve been taking lessons since I was 8,” she says. “I always say I’ve made the least amount of progress in the most amount of time. Lately I’ve been playing a lot. I’m feeling like a serious musician now”

Horseback Riding

How long have you been riding?

“For a long time. Since I was little, I always loved horses, and then I started taking riding lessons.”

Do you ride often?

“I go riding every third weekend at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank. You can rent horses and just ride with your friends. They have a sunset ride I want to do where you go up into the Hollywood Hills, and there’s a restaurant there. You let the horses rest, and you go eat and then ride back down. It sounds really cool.”

Do you plan on having your own horse someday?

“I’ve always said I want my own horse. My dad is always like, ‘You won’t have time to properly take care of it,’ but I’d really like one of my own.”



That’s an impressive sketch—where’d you learn how to do that?

“I took art last year in school,” says Miranda, who was given an assignment to draw some aspect of Japanese life in history. “I love drawing.”

Do you draw just for fun too?

“Yes. I love getting a sketchpad and going out and drawing things. I have this big sketchbook that has all these weird monsters on the front of it.”

What’s one of your favorite subjects to draw?

“In my last course they had me draw a friend of mine. I wouldn’t let her see it. I wanted to make it look good. It took me longer than it was supposed to, and now she says she is never helping me with art again.”

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