Michelle Pfeiffer

Six things to love about Michelle:

1. Her Lips. “They’re lopsided,” she has groaned, but so what? Half smile, half smirk, that off-center kisser makes her beauty more human. Give God a special Oscar.

2. Her Lack of Vanity. A gum-snapper Married to the Mob; a pack-a-day chanteuse in The Fabulous Baker Boys; a hashslinger in Frankie & Johnny. Is it a surprise that Pfeiffer, 34, would like to play a bag lady someday?

3. Her Range. Pfeiffer’s next movies are Love Field, an interracial love story set around JFK’s death, and Batman Returns, in which her Catwoman rattles our hero’s belfry.

4. Her Beau. Fisher Stevens, 28, best known for playing nerds (Short Circuit). He gives geeks everywhere hope.

5. Her Piano Scene. You know: in Baker Boys, when she polishes the Steinway with her dress—while wearing it.

6. Her Lips. (Well, there are two of them…)

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