Michelle Pfeiffer: Actress 33

“Just standing around looking beautiful is so boring, really boring, so boring.” But who says she just stands around? She put the fab into The Fabulous Baker Boys and suffered magnificently in Dangerous Liaisons. She’s not above self-parody—witness her frazzled screwball in Married to the Mob. “She has an edge,” says Steve Kloves, her director in Baker Boys. Pfeiffer hones that edge further in Love Field, an interracial love story that would not have gotten off the ground without her commitment to it. Pfeiffer, whose steady is actor Fisher Stevens, 27, has learned to trust her artistic instincts. “I was always real sweet,” she has said, “but now I can have blowups on the set….I spent a lot of years with the work suffering because I kept my mouth shut. I won’t do that anymore.” Or just stand around looking beautiful.

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