October 26, 1992 12:00 PM

Basketball All-Star, MVP Endorser, 29

UNIFORM: Nike meets Armani.

FAST-BREAKING LOOKS: Aerodynamic haircut and sneakers.

OUT OF THE CLOSET: “I’m a shoe freak—I probably own about 1,000 pairs.”

Famous for his high-flying moves on the court, Air Jordan also scores big style points off it. It doesn’t hurt, of course, to have your own lines for everything from tuxes (After Six) to ties (Bugatchi Uomo for Michael Jordan)—with the boss sporting custom-made samples. Still, Jordan could make skivvies look stylish (Hanes, another tie-in). “He looks pretty cool in European suits,” says menswear designer Tommy Hilfiger of the oversize, one-button mode Jordan helped popularize. “Not many people can carry it off.” Cheers fellow designer Andrew Fezza: “Slam dunk for style.”

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