December 12, 1994 12:00 PM

IT’S GOING TO BE A BOY!” SCREAMED the French tabloid Voici. The purported mother-to-be: 39-year-old French actress Isabelle Adjani, known for tempestuous roles onscreen (Camille Claudel; The Story of Adele H) and for her love affair offscreen with Warren Beatty. The father was said to be mercurial English Oscar-winner Daniel Day-Lewis, 37. Adjani promptly denied the Voici report. But when Paris Match later asked about her condition, she coyly said, “I’ll tell you when I want to.” And sources close to Adjani confirm that all tests are positive. “It’s true,” says an industry insider who knows her. “We don’t know how the father feels about it, but she’s pregnant and she’s very happy.”

Indeed, in recent weeks, Adjani has been seen floating in and out of Bonpoint, a baby boutique near her Paris home. Day-Lewis, who hasn’t made a movie since 1993’s In the Name of the Father, hasn’t been seen much at all. In fact the two see each other only occasionally. She lives in a Left Bank mansion, he in a castle outside Dublin. They communicate by phone and fax.

Adjani, long known as high-strung, neurotic—or, at the very least, unlikely to remove her sunglasses—met Day-Lewis, no stranger to eccentricity himself, in 1989. Soon after, she left Paris for what she called an “honest and pure” life with Day-Lewis in London. After they broke up two years later, though, she said the relationship was “like an experimental film about love, shown in only one cinema, in English, with subtitles.”

Their film did have fitful sequels. Adjani and Day-Lewis have since been spotted together. Last spring she told a French newspaper, “I think that people we have loved we always love.” In late July she and Day-Lewis were ensemble in St.-Rémy-de-Provence. Adjani’s child is reportedly due in April.

Though Day-Lewis has no children, Adjani has a 15-year-old son, Barnabé, who lives most of his time with his father, French cineast Bruno Nuytten, the director of Camille Claudel. “She hasn’t been exactly what you’d call maternal,” says a source. “But she had her first child a long time ago. It could be very different this time.”

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