December 02, 2013 12:00 PM


He’s famous for his raspy voice, but it’s the singer’s mane that stops fans in their tracks. “My hair gets recognized before me,” says Thicke, 36, of his pompadour, which gets trimmed weekly. “Fans come up and say, ‘I have to touch it!’ They’re usually surprised it’s so soft.”


Three more reasons to swoon over the actor

1. He’s really intense about being healthy. “I don’t eat for pleasure, I eat for nutrients,” says Eastwood, 27. “Workout-wise, I do multiple things a day. I go to the gym in the morning, then I do jujitsu, then I play basketball.”

2. He likes to get dirty. “Anything that’s a hard day’s work feels good. If I’m not acting, I’m either working on the yard or doing home improvement.”

3. He’s not afraid to be vulnerable. “I’m a sucker for Katy Perry and Rihanna. If ‘Roar’ and ‘Pour It Up’ come on the radio, I’ll sing them at the top of my lungs.”


A bigger, buffer Community star has emerged this year. “I did a movie this summer – Beware the Night – that I had to be in very good shape for, and I haven’t done that since college,” says McHale. “If I’m fresh, I can do about 20 to 25 pull-ups now. When I’m done, I usually scream out to the gym, ‘I’m 42!'”


The Fruitvale Station star picks four actors whose careers he’d love to emulate: “I’d like a hybrid between Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling,” says Jordan, 26. “Leo’s is probably the one I want the most. He’s so talented, and he doesn’t make bad choices. Every time I see one of his films, it makes me want to be better and work harder.”


Just how momentous was 2013 for the Wolverine star? “This has been the craziest year since I moved to L.A. 14 years ago,” says Lee, 42, who welcomed a son in June. “Trying to juggle a career with being a first-time parent was tricky, but it made my year.”


Has the Hannibal actor – who has an 11-month-old son, Cyrus, with wife Claire Danes – discovered that women find dads sexy? “I’ve heard that,” says Dancy, 38, “but I suspect it’s propaganda. I can think of a lot of words – including joyful and smelly – but I don’t think sexy would be one of them.”


The Emmy-winning Boardwalk Empire actor says he “had terrible hair and buck teeth” as a teenager. Now Cannavale, 43, who’s dating Rose Byrne, is no stranger to good grooming. “Manicures are my new thing,” he says. “I get one like every couple of weeks.”


The Breaking Bad star, who married anti-bullying activist Lauren Parsekian in May, is already looking forward to fatherhood. “I love kids so much. I love seeing Lauren hold any sort of baby,” says the actor, 34. “Just being able to hold a child that she and I have created would be incredible.”


Yes, he’s playing one of the Masters of Sex, but that doesn’t mean Sheen, 44, is completely free of hang-ups. “You never really do get more comfortable talking about the sexual stuff,” he says. “And now people want to talk to me about it all the time. They think I’m some kind of expert, which I’m not.”


The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star reveals the sexiest night of his life

“My wife and I had been struggling for so long, but once I got a job in a movie – The 6th Day with Arnold Schwarzenegger – I remember looking her in the eyes and saying, ‘Honey, can you believe this?'” recalls Crews, 45. “She looked at me and was like, ‘I’m so proud!’ That was a sexy night. We went home and it was on – you know what I mean?”


The actor who went from playing creepy Bob Benson on Mad Men to starring in the sitcom The Crazy Ones has another surprising talent: choosing footwear. “I grew up working in my dad’s shoe store,” says Wolk, 28. “What I find sexiest on a woman is a wedge.”


Leaving SNL meant bidding farewell to the comedian’s sexiest character, ultra-flamboyant Stefon. “I’ve had gay men come up to me and say, ‘I want to have sex with Stefon,'” says Hader, 35. “I’m like, ‘Wow, thank you!’ I barely responded I was laughing so hard.”


He graduated from Bard college at 15 and Yale Law School at 21. He’s been a Rhodes scholar and an activist. He’s worked for the State Department, he’s getting his own MSNBC show in 2014, and, oh yeah, he might be Frank Sinatra’s son. “People throw the term ‘prodigy’ around a lot,” says Farrow, 25. “It’s true – I was already sexy by the time I was 8 years old.”


Three sexy secrets about the Scandal star

1. His role as a super-lusty President hasn’t fazed his wife, Jane Musky. “She’s the coolest person in the world,” says Goldwyn. “Anytime I have a sex scene, she’s chilled out about it.”

2. The show forces the 53-year-old actor to stay in shape. “I could have a sex scene at any moment, so I try and work out every day.”

3. He sleeps nude. “Nothing. Not even underwear,” he says.


What does succeeding in Hollywood mean for the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star? “The best part, hands down, is to be able to get reservations at nice restaurants,” says Samberg, 35. “That and money, which is great because then I can have fancy reservations.”


Being HGTV’s kings of home renovation isn’t always glamorous for the 35-year-old twin stars of Property Brothers, Drew (left) and Jonathan. “I love doing demolition, but when you have 100 years of crud dropping on you, that’s when I feel the most unattractive,” says Jonathan. As for Drew? “My least sexy moment is at live events when I get pushed aside and fans say, ‘No, no, we only want Jonathan.'”


When it comes to relationships, the 42 star prefers “dating a person who’s doing something interesting that takes me away from what I do,” says Boseman, 37, who’s currently filming the lead role as James Brown in the biopic Get On Up. “Oh, and foreheads. I don’t know what it is, but if a woman has a beautiful forehead, it always gets me.”

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