By Lisa Ingrassia
December 03, 2007 12:00 PM

Growing up in Colorado, Amy Adams saw “Mary Poppins 50 times.” Now she shows off her own sugar and spice as Gisele, an animated princess who comes to life. How did the 33-year-old like wearing a hoopskirt and singing with mice? “It’s not a bad job!” she tells PEOPLE’s Lisa Ingrassia.

How dreamy is [costar] Patrick Dempsey?

He has great hair! He lives up to his idol status, and then he’s so grounded. His daughter [Talula, 5] came to set to watch her dad dance.

Let’s see him try it in a huge, cotton candy wedding dress.

We got into a lot of arguments, that dress and I, and I lost more than I won! There was nothing frothy about wearing it! I had 45 lbs. resting on my hips. But the effect was wonderful—and I got weekly massages.

You’re one of seven kids. Was it all Brady Bunch at your house?

Chaotic! Our parents had their hands full. There were lots of talent shows—often to embarrassing results.

You got a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nod in ’06 for Junebug. What did you do when you realized the movie was getting buzz?

My boyfriend [actor Darren LeGallo, 33] and I stayed up eating burgers and singing Journey at a piano bar [in Park City, Utah].

Prior to your success, what odd jobs did you have?

I was a Gap girl. I wanted to work the stockroom. They said, “Sorry, you’re too good of a greeter.” I couldn’t help but smile at people.