October 25, 1993 12:00 PM

STYLE STRENGTH: Mixing and matching

FASHION CREDO: Something old, something new

WON’T EVER WEAR: Panty hose

Most people who buy their wardrobes at thrift shops manage only to look, well, thrifty. But Mayim Bialik, 17, the star of the TV hit Blossom, turns out first-class in her secondhand outfits. She is admittedly closer to Annie Hall (wearing men’s pajama tops and demure pleated skirts) than the halls of Chanel. Yet the easy, off-the-wall look of the 5’3″ Harvard-bound actress (she’s deferred for at least a year) is aped by droves of young Mayim mavens. Shunning the mall—and the trademark hats of her Blossom character—she scopes out vintage pieces near her L.A. home. That way, she says, “you don’t look like you just walked out of a catalog.”

Bialik’s favorite resource, though, is the closet of her father, Barry, a middle-school English teacher. “I like men’s fashions a lot,” she says. That includes Dad’s big jackets and ’60s tie-dyes; and she eagerly accepts her 21-year-old brother Isaac’s hand-me-down trousers. One thing you won’t see her in: that staple of teen wardrobes, tight jeans. Explains Mayim: “I don’t like to suck in my tummy.”

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