April 05, 2010 12:00 PM


161 LBS


125 LBS!

Over the years Maureen McCormick has been very open about her weight struggle: In 2007 the former Brady Bunch actress joined VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club weighing in at 154 lbs. and went on to win the weight-loss competition after dropping 38 lbs. But following her victory, McCormick immediately started packing on the pounds again, reaching her heaviest-161 lbs.-last summer, when she told PEOPLE, “This is the fattest you’ll ever see me!”

McCormick stuck to her word: Over the past nine months she worked with trainer Juliet Kaska to whittle her body back down to 125 lbs. “My legs feel really good. I like my butt too!” says the 5’3″ star. “I feel sexier than ever!”

The transformation came once McCormick, 53, learned how to eat in moderation. “When I used to diet, it felt like I had to starve myself,” she says. “Now I can look at a piece of cake, and it’s not my enemy.” And if she does indulge in something sweet (“I love anything chocolate!”), McCormick relies on her hour-long morning runs to keep her weight in check. Now “I feel more comfortable in my body,” says McCormick. And in her new wardrobe. Instead of “hiding” in oversize dresses, “when I put on tight pants, it feels really good!” says McCormick, the proud owner of a new pair of skinny jeans. “I’ve come to love my shape and celebrate it.”

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