Matt Lauer


It’s day two [April 29] of the Today show’s “Where in the World is Matt Lauer?” and you’re in Amsterdam—infamous for marijuana use. Have you tried the brownies?

I’m already at the airport again, and I didn’t indulge in any local delicacies.

Your wife, Annette, is from Holland. Were you pressured to visit the in-laws?

This is a holiday week here, so her family is off traveling to Spain or somewhere.

Speaking of Annette, you’re dogged by reports of marriage trouble.

Every once in a while I’ll read quotes from so-called insiders, and it’s never true. We grin and bear it, and the next thing you know, it’s someone else’s turn. Annette and I are great.

When you’re abroad, how do you keep in touch with Annette and the kids [Jack, 6, Romy, 4, and Thijs, 1]?

At the end of the first half hour of the show, we go to a break and I pick up a cell phone and call home. Tonight we’ll land for fuel and that will coincide with 5 o’clock bath time at my house, so I’ll talk to them then. Plus I have a MacBook Air with me this year, so we can do iChats.

Your 10-year wedding anniversary is in October. Any big plans?

I turned 50 [on Dec. 30], we have the anniversary, my best friend turns 60—we’ve talked about getting a small group of people on a plane and heading somewhere. But the last thing I want to do when I come back from this trip is see an airport again!

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