April 08, 2002 12:00 PM

“I love doing things in threes,” I says Pamela Dennis, who put KATE HUDSON in cotton gauze in 2000. “Adding a wrap to a two-piece gown completes everything.”

“She liked that coordinated look—she was known for it,” says Arnold Scaasi, who outfitted presenter BARBRA STREISAND in 1970. “We did a hat for almost every outfit we did for her. It was very much a part of the time.”

The geranium pink Richard Tyler used to dye the gown and gloves he made for Hilary and Jackie nominee RACHEL GRIFFITHS was chosen to set off her recently darkened “deep chocolate” hair color, said Griffiths.

“My husband was on boob alert all night,” says JANE SEYMOUR of the strapless satin gown she wore in 1999. “This was a wow! look for her,” says designer Pamela Dennis, who provided the actress with a shawl of the same material for “added drama.”

“Gloves are an accessory not to be taken seriously,” says Geoffery Beene, who whimsically laced up Dangerous Liaisons nominee GLENN CLOSE, a collaborator on the 1989 ensemble.

“It was Audrey who wished to have a matching evening coat,” says Hubert de Givenchy, who dressed AUDREY HEPBURN in 1965. “The effect was that much more spectacular.”

“The hat came first,” says Bob Mackie, who modeled it after one CHER had seen in Out of Africa. “The dress was almost like a 1915 dress, and the hat was very typical of that time. I don’t know why everyone was so horrified by it!”

“I am Oscar this year. That’s my strategy,” said Calvin Klein-clad SUSAN SARANDON, glowing in gold from head to toe in 1993. The Lorenzo’s Oil nominee didn’t leave with the ultimate matching accessory, but three years later she won for Dead Man Walking.

Loretta Young’s daughter Judy Lewis, 12 when her mom won for The Farmer’s Daughter in 1948, says Young “didn’t always wear gloves to events. That was something she and the designer came up with.”

“This is just something my friend Charlene [Sheperd] put together,” ERYKAH BADU said in 2000 of the perfectly matched chiffon head wrap and leather and raffia dress that actually took 10 months to create.

Grace Kelly arrived looking nothing like The Country Girl when the film earned her a Best Actress win in 1955. “The material alone cost $4,000,” claimed legendary Hollywood costumer Edith Head of the blue gown and coat.

“A coordinated look is always more subtle and sophisticated,” says Vera Wang, who dressed presenter JANE FONDA in champagne satin in 2000.

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