By People Staff
December 20, 1976 12:00 PM

As the Bad Girl of B-movies, Mary Beth Hughes appeared in 170 films. “I was sentenced to Tehachapi Women’s Prison 35 times,” says Hughes. She made The Great Profile with John Barrymore, The Cowboy and the Blonde with George Montgomery and Four Sons with Don Ameche. Despite such leading men, she was never a superstar. What kept her from it, she says, was her resemblance to such blond beauties of the time as Betty Grable, Alice Faye and Lana Turner. Mary Beth was in four Turner films. “We looked so much alike the director would screen the dailies and ask, ‘Which one was that?’ Then they’d cut all my entrances.” Today the five-times-divorced Mary Beth, 55, lives in the San Fernando Valley with little of the money she made in Hollywood. Last March she enrolled at a Reseda, Calif. beauty school and hopes to open her own beauty salon. “I’ve always been good with hair,” she says. “I’ve made all the mistakes on me.”