July 26, 1993 12:00 PM

“For a pug-ugly guy,” says Jamie Farr, 59, better known as cross-dresser Corporal Klinger on M*A*S*H, “I’ve got two beautiful wives—a beautiful TV wife and a beautiful real-life wife.” Rosalind Chao played his young Korean bride in the last episode, Sept. 19, 1983 (Klinger was not wearing the gown). Farr’s true-life wife (above) is the former Joy Richards, 53, whom he married on Feb. 16,1963, at St. Nicholas Orthodox Christian Cathedral in L.A. At the time, he was playing Thaddeus the Apostle in the Bible pic The Greatest Story Ever Told. Guests included such co-apostles as (from left, with the Farrs at center) Peter (Nathanael) Mann, David (Judas) McCallum, John (John) Considine and David (Philip) Hedison. The boys gave the couple Baccarat crystal wine glasses, symbolizing the Last Supper. The Last Gift too. “Other than the Baccarat,” Farr muses, “I don’t think we have one present left.”

“My Sesame Street wedding was better planned than my own,” says Sonia Manzano, who plays Maria. “It also had more fuzzy and furry creatures.” Manzano, who’s mum about her age, wed environmentalist Richard Reagan, 52, in her Manhattan apartment in 1986. A year later, when Manzano told producers she wanted children, they decided Maria might as well become pregnant too: And so she married Luis (Emilio Delgado) in May 1988. Manzano’s daughter, Gabriela, was born—nine months later? “Pretty much so,” she says, laughing.

When widow Carol Martin married widower Mike Brady on the premiere episode of The Brady Bunch, Sept. 26, 1969, she was not allowed to wear white, says star Florence Henderson, since this was a second wedding. “The dress was a very strange color,” says Henderson, 59. “Not olive, but somewhere in the ballpark.” Another memorable detail came while she was exchanging vows with costar Robert Reed: She looked down and realized that, for this shot, they were surrounded by the Brady kids’ stand-ins—midgets in wigs. “Some of them were so old,” she says, “and started to laugh.” At least she got to wear white when she and her second husband, psychotherapist-hypnotherapist John Kappas, 67, celebrated their Aug. 4, 1987, marriage at their San Diego home. “We had white doves and a beautiful cake,” says Henderson. “There’s something magical about weddings, no doubt about it.”

The May wedding of Christine (Shelley Fabares) and Hayden (Craig T. Nelson) was typical of their bumbling, on-and-off, four-season romance. It was, in fact, their third attempt to get to the altar and was almost derailed by a broken-down car, a collapsing church steeple and a lost ring. There were no such problems when Fabares, 49, wed M*A*S*H star Mike Farrell, 54, on New Year’s Eve, 1984, in a sunset service in Pacific Palisades, Calif., at the home of her aunt, actress Nanette Fabray. (It was the second marriage for each.) “I planned everything down to the nth detail, from picking every single flower to the menu,” says Fabares. “I even consulted the Farmers Almanac and the National Weather Service about when sunset would come.” Okay, there was one glitch: She wrote little notes for each guest’s bouquet, but the florist forgot to deliver them. “It broke my heart!”

Rhoda Morgenstern’s marriage to Joe Gerard on Oct. 28,1974, was not the start of something beautiful. You’ll recall that Rhoda, played by Valerie Harper, had to race through the Bronx on foot and by subway to get to the ceremony (Phyllis, typically, forgot to give her a ride). And she and Joe (David Groh) divorced four seasons later. But Harper, 52, still remembers the joyous looks of New Yorkers who watched her filming on location in a department-store dress. “One said to me, ‘You finally caught one!’ ” The one Harper finally nabbed for herself is physical trainer (and now production partner) Tony Cacciotti, 53. Their wedding (his third, her second) took place on the beach at Malibu April 8, 1987. And, unlike Rhoda and Joe’s union, Harper says, “It’s been one long honeymoon.”

By now, almost 24 years later, I Dream of Jeannie star Barbara Eden doesn’t remember too many details of the Dec. 2, 1969, wedding between the curvaceous blond genie and her beloved Master (Larry Hagman). “But I thought it was a mistake,” says Eden, 58. “After all, genies aren’t real. How can you marry someone if you’re just smoke?” She knew it was the real thing, though, when she married third husband Jon Eicholtz, an L.A.-based builder-developer, on Jan. 5, 1991, at Grace Cathedral in her home town, San Francisco. “I was crying through the wedding” she says, “tears of joy. Jon is the best, a hoot—a little devil.” How apt for Jeannie.

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