December 31, 1990 12:00 PM

It was THE split of the year. Donald and Ivana Trump parted in February, and on Dec. 11, after 13 years of marriage, their divorce was final. The woman in the middle, of course, was Marla Maples, the southern beauty who always seemed to turn up where Donald was. While some speculate that their “friendship” is cooling, not to worry: Marla is now a fixture-in-progress on the Manhattan club scene. Ivana, meanwhile, has been promoted to this year’s ultimate New York City social fixture. What’s oddest about the two is their increasing resemblance—Ivana’s cosmetic surgery made her look more like Marla. Indeed, the two women who figured most prominently in Donald’s life in 1990 are blond, wear sizes 4 or 6 and are known to tress alike. Confused? As a public service, we present a guide to the battle of the net-worth superstars.

Marla looks 35, is 27

Marla purrs in a down-home Georgia drawl

Marla decorates Donald’s arm

Marla’s hair has that just-out-of-bed look

Marla feels comfiest in jeans and sweats but likes soft beiges for dress-up

Marla has a friendship ring from Donald

Marla kept in shape by running from the press and hiding with Donald’s friends

Marla likes simple gold and silver jewelry

Marla has girlfriends who tattle

Marla gets front-row seats at prizefights

Marla, a Baptist, met Donald at New York City’s Marble Collegiate Church, which is not a Baptist church

Marla has men fantasizing about her

Marla’s income for 1990: $500,000 to hawk No Excuses jeans, plus all the jeans she wants

Marla refused to pose for Playboy

Marla will survive all this

Ivana looks 35, is 41

Ivana talks with Slavic sensuality

Ivana decorates Donald’s hotels

Ivana’s hair has that just-out-of-the-salon look

Ivana wears jeans for gardening but is happy in bright ballgowns

Ivana has a Harry Winston appeasement ring from Donald

Ivana invites her friends to a spring spa week at Donald’s Florida mansion, Mar-a-Lago

Ivana likes multicolored gems

Ivana has girlfriends who protect her

Ivana gets front-row seats at fashion shows

Ivana, a Catholic, married Donald at Marble Collegiate Church, which is not a Catholic church

Ivana has women fantasizing about being her

Ivans’s income for 1990: Around $35,000 for managing the Plaza Hotel (she never got the famed “$1 and all the dresses she wants” deal); she’s negotiating for an advance for her forthcoming package of two novels

Ivana has been on the cover of Vogue

Ivana will survive all this magnificently

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